New Home

We have decided to copy Thomas and Gina and move our blog to Wordpress.....it's so much easier!
You'll find our new blog here



Christmas Decor

Today while Elizabeth had the day off, she turned the apartment into Christmas mode!

Making Cards

What's a visit with Thomas, Gina, and Erika without some arts and crafts? This past weekend Elizabeth got to hang out with the gang and watch them make holiday cards. Clara also got in on the action.
Gina and Erika have quite an impressive collection of card-making supplies.

The card-making master at work...


"An Afternoon at the Circus"

This afternoon Monica put on an awesome Circus-themed piano recital! Everybody did a great job with their pieces!!!

This was Elizabeth's pathetic attempt to make 'Lion Sugar Cookies'
Daniel's little piano student Harley played a piece Daniel wrote for her to play entitled "tightrope." She did a really good job!
The finale was a piece for eight hands-included was Clara! Clara also played a violin piece and her own circus piece! Way to go Clara!!!


Thanks Megan!!!

Today I got a gift in the mail from Megan-a bunch of pictures she took during our wedding! Thanks Megan! I'm so glad I have these!



Now official Ohioans, we decided to show some Ohio pride and go to a Cleveland Cavaliers game. Last night after work, we jumped in the car and made the 2 hour drive up to Cleveland ....they just happened to be playing the Utah Jazz!!!!

We made it just in time, had amazing seats, and had a perfect view of Lebron James! Yay!

Even Michael Symon and Bobby Flay showed up for the big night

Unfortunately Shaq didn't play...Elizabeth was very disappointed. (he's the one in the dark suit)

There was A LOT of OSU cheering throughout the entire game!
Even though the Jazz were behind pretty much the entire game, the last 5 minutes proved to be quite exciting as you can see....